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Breach a short story

Breach is a short story that has been select to by Cohesion Press for publication within their 2019 SNAFU anthology Last Stand. https://www.facebook.com/CohesionPress/ https://cohesionpress.com I am extremely excited to be part of this publication. And, as with all previous editions of SNAFU, I am eagerly waiting to read the book cover to cover. Once officially… Continue reading Breach a short story


Creature List

This post took an age to get ready - referencing! an occupational hazard. So, here are the creatures, monsters, beasts, demons and inter-dimensional beings that  inspire my stories. Big thanks to monsterlegacy.net for their wonderful website. This amazing resource has seriously streamlined my research phase of writing. the narrative, descriptions, interpretations that articulate the science and art… Continue reading Creature List