Souls : The Plot

The story started life as an addition to the Agents series. But it since evolved into its own story.


  • Miles (placeholder name) female
  • Lloyd (placeholder name) male


  • Taar solar system – 4 inhabitable planets
  • RisTaar, the characters home world – An earth-like planet – first half of the story
  • BacTaar, referenced in the story as a planet – were the two characters fought together
  • Taarainian interceptor class corvette spaceshiplatter half of the story


  • ex-military – Taarainian  Expeditionary Force (TEF)
  • Self appointed defenders of RisTaar


  • Rox

Every part of this creature appeared finely tuned for physical combat. Curved, pointed talons ended each finger. Smooth plates covered its lean, muscular body. Barbed quills accentuated its shape angular features.


  • Taarainian battle cruiser – referenced in a backstory
  • Kristoc warships – referenced in a backstory
  • Taarainian interceptor class corvette spaceship – in the story

Farscape – Moya. Image The Jim Henson Company

The story follows the two characters from their home planet -RisTaar – to the inside of a spaceship. The spaceship enters a parallel space, some freaky shit happens and the story ends.

The story starts when we join Miles and Lloyd – names will defiantly change – running from their outpost/home towards a nearby, small village.

An alien spaceship has landed in the nearby village. By aliens, I just mean humanoids from a different planet in a different solar system.

These aliens are low-life, criminal looters – marauders. The kind that Miles and Lloyd chase away on an almost weekly basis.

RisTaar is a tiny planet, hardly large enough to sustain its own atmosphere. It exists due to the close proximity of its 4 moons. Two of which are volatile, expelling gaseous substances onto RisTaar. Which allows the planet to maintain a level of atmosphere to sustain complex life.

The tiny planet has no formal government, military or law enforcement. Merely an agricultural planet, ravaged by decades of interstellar wars.

The collapse of the mighty Taarainian worlds in the Taar solar system has left RisTaar defenceless, exposed to the wills of passing marauders.

Miles and Lloyd, the last few Taarainians with combat experience who have not fled the solar system, take it upon themselves to defend the folk of RisTaar.

Photo by Pixabay on

Their self appointed mission objective is to dissuade the many marauders from taking too much from their little planet.

Defence of RisTaar is fine balance.

The two possess enough combat experience and military skills to easily overwhelm and destory the small groups of marauders. But, doing so would risk serious reprisals from whatever gang warlord controlled the marauders.

The two were not equipped to sustain a turf war against the warlords that occupied the vast power void left behind by the collapse of the Taarainian  empire and the Taarainian Expeditionary Force.

So, the two would simply scuff-up the attackers. Not damaging their ships or fatally wounding any of them. Allowing the invaders to leave with their reputation and ego in tact. Although the marauders would leave with food and supplies, Miles and Lloyd never allowed the marauders to leave with people.

Photo by Pixabay on

This fine balance didn’t stop the marauders, it only slowed them down. But, it forced Miles and Lloyd to live in a constant state of emergency. Constantly highly strung and stressed. With no reinforcements, no relief, no downtime their personal futures looked bleak.

When we join the story, one of our characters has had enough. The fine balance is changed.

During this one invasion of their wee peaceful world, Lloyd destroys most of the invading marauders and jumps onto the ship as it starts to escape. Miles, the caring partner that he is, follows Lloyd.

The two clear the ship of marauders. Then the story gets interesting.

Anymore details would spoil the middle and the end. So, you’ll have to wait for the story to be released.


  • Swat Kats – please bring this back 🙂 – the relationship between Razor and T-bone
  • FarscapeMoya, you’ll see why
  • Agentbecause it started as an entry in this series
  • Army of Tworelationship between Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios

Expected release date

Late 2019.

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