First blog post for Evolve

31st May 2017

Right-tee-oh. I’m sure I’ll regret having that as the first word in my first blog, but a little humour helps break the writing block.

So Evolve. I’m using this a time stamped history of my work on the Evolve project. However, today is not the first day that I started working on this story. No, and now I’m annoyed that I can’t remember the date when I first started working on it. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll come back to me. It was definitely sometime in 2013. For funsies, let’s say it was summer 2013, after all, all good origin stories start in the summer.

So, for the first few blog entries, I’ll only be adding the new stuff that I’ve added to the story. I’ll be cataloguing all the historical stuff on the main page under¬†Evolve.

Thanks for reading.

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