Creature List

This post took an age to get ready – referencing! an occupational hazard.

So, here are the creatures, monsters, beasts, demons and inter-dimensional beings that  inspire my stories.

Big thanks to for their wonderful website. This amazing resource has seriously streamlined my research phase of writing. the narrative, descriptions, interpretations that articulate the science and art behind these creatures is outstanding.

monster legacy blog

Thanks also to Machine Mean and Angry Scholar. I’ve referenced you guys – hope you don’t mind. And ArtStation – you guys are awesome

In good academic style, referencing is of utmost importance. Here, I try to attribute the appropriate level of ownership to the creature. However, as we sometimes know, the person/people that first created a things aren’t always credited – it’s their employer or client or boss.

Intellectual Property is a minefield.

So, I’ve used Wikipedia and or IMDb to source the information. But, as in all good blogs this one should have a comments section. Let me know if something is incorrect.

I’ve added weblink into the text – for those wanting to read more on the topic. Most of these links will be studio websites, IMDb pages or other wordpress blogs/pages.

This list was in alphabetical order until I started adding more:

Story [IMDb]CreatureCreatorLink 
AliensXenomorph Warrior Stan WinstonMonsterLegacy
The Dark Tower Crimson CreatureAbner Marinartstation
Dark was the nightWendigoRafael KayananMachineMean
Dog soldiers WerewolvesUli SimonAngryScholar
Edge of tomorrowMimicsIvan Manzellafandom
Evolve (game)Goliath, Wraith and
Turtle Rock Studiofandom
The hostGwoemulChin Wei ChenMonsterLegacy
Jurassic world 2 IndoraptorJama JurabaevJurassicOutpost
The MistSpider monsterJordu SchellMonsterLegacy
OutlanderMoorwenPatrick TatopoulosMonsterLegacy
Pitch BlackChimeraPatrick TatopoulosMonsterLegacy
Starship TroopersArachnid WarriorTippett Studio MonsterLegacy
A Quiet PlacealienILMCollider
DNAJungle CreatureKen Stranahanthemoviedb

This blog will be a type of live library. I’ll update this when necessary and cross reference it when blogging about the creatures in my own stories.

After researching, writing and reading this post I really want to write about each of these creatures. Over the next few posts I’ll describe how each of these creatures have inspired my writings.

Thanks for reading

references for photos used in this blog:

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