Writer: speculative, military inspired, monster themed science fiction.

This is a living catalogue of my public facing stories. I work with science fiction medium to tell stories of humans overcoming adversity

My work is always:

  • Speculative,
  • Military inspired,
  • Monster themed,

My work is often draws upon the:

  • Paramilitary politics in Northern Ireland
  • Independence movement in Scotland
  • Horror
  • Dystopian
  • Apocalyptic
  • Supernatural

This website is to serve to main purposes:

  1. A place where I can brain-dump the universes, planets, stories, characters, and creatures that I’ve created over the years. To organise and create a narrative through this universe.
  2. Then, someday, I can use this place to really publish something that the world might enjoy; or a small part of it

I’ll be adding content to existing stories and new stories as them arrive.

Since I lasted posted – 2017

Now 2019: I set this up to catalogue my work on my military sci-fi story – Evolve. I’ve not made as much progress as I would have hoped, but I’ve still made a shit load of progress. Other worldly commitments got in the way and I was forced away from story writing and therefore away from this page.

I’m back, and invested financially into this website and a new domain name – look no ads – although Evolve isn’t ready yet I’ve worked on three other shorter stories that I will be discussing and hopefully publishing on this site in 2019.

How to navigate this website.

I’ll be using the blog function to timestamp my contributions.

The words across the header are titles of stories or series of stories.

Some will have drop down pages, all will be blogs about that story.

I’m hoping to either, look back on this one day and for it to be a resource to populate a proper fan base for the stories I create. Or, to merely to have a chronological record of my ideas and concepts so, if they appear somewhere else in the future I can say “I published that first”.

If you like what you read, of even if you don’t, please let me know.

Check out the Evolve story