Originally called dragon spheres? Well that was the working title and it was originally to be a graphic novel. 

I have been working on this since 1998.

Where a young knight returns triumphantly home to his father’s kingdom after defeating the last of the demon army and finally rids the kingdom of evil. 

Before the evening celebrations the king (his father) is killed, the son uncovers a coup by Demon sympathisers and he is framed for the murder of his father and escapes. The kings military advisor (demon sympathiser) becomes king and orders a man hunt for the son and convinced everyone that the son and father were demon sympathisers . With his horse the son travels the kingdom finding 8 magical orbs that when combined together will allow the user to do great things, and he learns that he can go back in time and alter the past. 

The orbs are protected by powerful dragons, each different in size, color and power and linked to 8 mighty elements, I.E. Fire, Ice, grass wind etc. 

During his quest he is dogged by one of the new kings strongest warriors, who happens to be the sons oldest friend and rival. This warrior believes the son is a Demon sympathiser and responsible for the death of the King. They meet and battle frequently and the bad blood runs deep. The warrior is always accompanied by a platoon  of disguised demon soldiers. 

The son finds love, new friends, he rescues a wolf and a hawk who with his horse become his closest friends. When he gets all 8 orbs he decides not to alter the past because everyone he found, befriended and loved will never know him and he’ll remember them. So he brings about an army of light, marches on the demon controlled Kingdom, over throws the new evil ruler, clears his name and reinstall peace.