First blog post for Souls

Like Evolve this isn’t the first day that I started working on Souls. But it is the first day that I am writing about it.

The idea popped in around March 2019. Writing started soon after – I must do a blog post on my writing methods, but I have a template.

The idea quickly evolved from being an Agents back story to being a story in its own right. I’m aiming for about <10,000 words.

The story has everything that I love in stories – military inspired and full of sci-fi goodness. There is a creature in this one, but a little different from how I usually portray creatures in my stories.

The story has gone through a few title changes, during development it was called project Brothers. Then, once I reformed the ending – project Deja vu. But, I’ve gone with Souls.

Just like Evolve, I’ll do a post soon on the Plot and the Soundtrack.

Then I’ll post on the characters, the planet, the creature and the weapons. I’ll be doing a post on each of those for each of my stories.

I am accutely aware that I’ve not actually given you guys anything to read. I have 5 stories somewhere in the release pathway. This one is one of the closest.

So, I’ll give you a little something for being patient with me…… remember this is subject to change – including the names and grammar.

    The inherent differences between the two men was evident by how they looked. Miles, was fully suited in mixed camouflage gear, body armour, battle boots, field trauma kits, primary weapon, two side weapons, belts full of grenades and extra ammunition, full spectrum goggles and not one but three autottes. Buster, on the other hand, was sporting a bright yellow t-shirt with the letters TAR emblazoned across the back, soft-shell trousers and his primary weapon. 
“Is that shampoo in your hair?” Miles asked, now sprinting beside the big man.
“Yip!” Buster laughed.
“You fool!”
“No time to rinse!”
“There is always time to rinse!” Miles scoffed. “And that yellow shirt.”
“Hey! Speak ill of me if you must, but never disrespect the shirt. Besides, its golden.” Buster said with a smile.

“Hold up, hold up,” Buster interjected the men’s banter, “there it is,” he slowed to brisk walk, pointing through the red coloured timber clad buildings of the village.
Both men raised their weapons, Miles using the integrated optics within his rifle to get a more intel, Buster would be getting the same high resolution image through his non-biological eye. Miles sighted in on the long, cylindrical ship. It was partially obscured by the timber buildings but it seemed to have landed dead centre in the middle of the village.
“There. On the ship’s forecastle. Same markings as last time.” Miles said.
“And the time before that." Buster said.
“Same marking that has been on every ship that has landed here in the past year.”
“Bastards.” Buster growled.

excerpt from Souls - an upcoming JWStinson short story.

Thanks for reading.

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