Agents, Surviving Tomorrow

Agents. A Surviving Tomorrow story : the plot

The story agents is set in the Surviving Tomorrow universe. -like all of My stories.

I find it easier to keep all of the stories in the same universe , Some of the characters will meet & there will be cross overs. which will just be fun.

As for the agents story: well,  it is Based around 2 characters . Miles & lloyd .members of the most advanced race in this universe, with the technology to travel between worlds.

Lloyd and Miles in Agents

The 2 are members of in intergalactic peacekeeping & wildlife conservation organisation . A bit like across between star Trek & Stargate Atlantis .

So far, there are 5 galaxies in this Universe – More detail in the Surviving Tomorrow Pages of this website .

The important thing to note here is that the 2 protangists hail from the same planet in the same solar system . And, their species has the most knowledge about the universe.

The 2 characters have different backgrounds, & behaviours & lifestyles, but… Over time,  the 2 complement each other .

their relationship is somewhat like that of the 2 Soldiers in the tv series Strike back ; the game Army of Two ; & the animated series SWATKATS .

The 2 are members of the same intergalactal peace keeping & research organisation with Members in Most of the underdeveloped or primitive plants in this universe . With the objective of passive observation and habitat protection. A bit like the UN crossed with GreenPeace… Only with more fire power and less bureaucratic bullshit.

Conversing the pace and beauty

Their conversation and peace keeping organisation also has significant firepower & advanced military Style technology to defend against poachers and other environmental destroyers.

Conservation on a military budget

The real story is about the relationship Between these 2 … I want to call them soldiers, but they are more than just soldiers, they are researchers, scientists  & politicians … I will of a better job title for them later.

But it is when the planet  -that these 2 where studying, is attacked by a horde of insects with unknown origins, then the real action begins.

Alien insect horde

These marks the start of the Surviving Tomorrow chain of events

The story started as me experimenting with the writing style of an adventure book . You know – where the reader Chooses which decision the protagonist takes,  then flicks to page …. whatever…  to find out how that action impacts on the character within the story .

Wizards choice is an excellent example of this style of writing done really, really well.

Writing a story like that with 3 possible outcomes at every decision point is damn exhausting.

But, I well preserver .

The story is broken down into missions & it is very much in keeping with my unplugged command concept … gaming  without the console .

The story has 3 missions , which occur before the aliens invade. which is the start of the alien invasion of all the planets in the Surviving Tomorrow universe.

Then the 2 characters planet hoop -over many planets, to get back to their command post.

Planet hooping to get home

in the process of escaping,  the 2 form rescue and evacuate as many stranded species as they can from each planet they pass. During this desperate time the form a very strong relationship,

However, upon finding temporary safety in their headquarters, they are ultimately pulled apart by the needs of the Universe.

Miles & Lloyd develope excellent & effective methods of fighting and Stalling the advance of the insect horde

Their stills earn them rank promotions & they become leaders of 2 different branches of the resistance .

Miles heads up the search & rescue elements of the resistance to extract non Space -travelling species out of their planet before the insects invade & destroy everything .

Rescuing those who cannot escape
Evacuating wildlife from extinction

Lloyd is given access to advanced weaponry with the mission of landing on plants that have been invaded to slow down the insects until the inhabitants have had time to escape.

Behind enemy lines

their new responsibilities of rescuing the universe will lead to conflagrations between the 2 friends

Will their friendship survive the apocalypse

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